Actuator software for USB controller

Version: December 31, 2018.
Requirements: Compatible actuator and controller (please contact us to discuss your needs). PC running Windows and available USB port. Tested with Windows 7 and above.
Instructions: Download and copy the exe file into any desired location of your hard drive. Run the exe file. You will need to override all the warnings Windows issues to run the application. First, choose the COM port to which the USB adapter is connected from the list of com ports identified by the software. Next, choose the various actuation parameters. There are a total of four parameters. They are self explanatory.

Note: The download link below redirects to a shared google drive.

Download here 90kB, MD5 hash: 4fdbcbfaac8aaf90e2a08e1829f2117e


MD5 utilities can be found online, e.g., here