Related CWRU course offerings

Course Title Course Leader
BIOL325/425 Developmental biology Haynesworth
BIOL490 Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Programs (STEP) Jolly
EBME105 Introduction to BME Saidel
EBME318/319 Biomedical engineering Saidel
EBME325 Introduction to tissue engineering Alsberg
EBME410/320 Medical imaging fundamentals Wilson
New technology for Y1 Med students Caplan
EBME/ECHE474 Biotransport processes Baskaran
ECHE363 Thermodynamics of chemical processes Baskaran
EBME350/ECHE355 Quantitative molecular bioengineering Baskaran
EMAC376 Polymer engineering Wnek
EMAE415 Introduction to musculoskeletal biomechanics Akkus
EMAE416 Evaluation of tissue engineered products Mansour