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Investigators’ meeting 2017

The meeting will take place in CLAPP HALL.

Arrive at the Hovorka Atrium, at the center of the Millis Science Center Building, 2080 Adelbert Road Cleveland, OH 44106-7080. (Click here for a Campus Map to locate the Millis Science Center). Check-in begins Monday, May 22, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. in the Hovorka Atrium. Questions can be answered by emailing us directly at

Start End Speaker Title Venue
09:00 Check-in and continental breakfast Atrium
09:30 10:00 Arnold Caplan Welcome and introduction Clapp 108
10:00 10:30 Joseph Mansour TR&D-4: Mechanical behavior of tissue engineered cartilage: what we can do for you now and in the future Clapp 108
10:30 11:00 Rodrigo Somoza TR&D-2: Real-time evaluation of cellular differentiation and identification of novel biomarkers for engineered articular cartilage Clapp 108
11:00 11:30 Zhenghong Lee TR&D-1: The role of miR-145 in MSC chondrogenesis, an update

Clapp 108

11:30 12:00 Harihara Baskaran TR&D-3: Biochemical environment: Biomolecular rate-based criteria as a tool for non-destructive evaluation of chondrogenesis Clapp 108
12:00 12:45 Lunch break Atrium
12:45 1:15 Andrea Barbero
(Ivan Martin lab)
Nasal chondrocytes for cartilage tissue engineering Clapp 108
1:15 1:45 Pete Alexander
(Rocky Tuan lab)
A mechanically-stimulated model of joint segmentation for toxicological studies Clapp 108
1:45 2:15 Khadija Mulder
(Lorenzo Moroni lab)
Influencing cell behavior with 3D printed scaffolds Clapp 108
2:15 2:45 Jiheon Rhim
(Chul-Won Ha lab)
Cartilage repair by human umbilical cord blood-derived MSCs Clapp 108
2:45 3:00 Break Atrium
3:00 3:30 Tom Hostetter Using culture methods to study renal compensatory growth Clapp 108
3:30 4:00 Roberto Narcisi
(Gerjo van Osch lab)
Recruiting and differentiating endogenous stem cells for cartilage repair Clapp 108
4:00 4:30 Farshid Guilak Functional, cell-instructive scaffolds for osteochondral repair Clapp 108
4:30 5:00 Antonios Mikos Injectable biodegradable hydrogels for stem cell delivery in osteochondral tissue engineering Clapp 108
5:00 5:30 Jim Dennis Chondrogenic differentiation after expansion on porcine synoviocyte matrix with and without FGF-2 supplementation Clapp 108
5:30 6:30 Open discussion Clapp 108 / Atrium

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